We live in interesting times, those of us in NIH-funded science careers, do we not? I’m sure there has always been change that looked dramatic but still. There is a lot on our plates.

There are other factors, many of them with far reaching implications.
The one on my list for today is the individual postdoctoral fellowship, the NIH’s NRSA / F32 award.

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I’ve been reading a little chatter from a few newish looking PI types today on the perennial topic of lab size. It provides a nice counter to a recent post at the Sb DM and a note today from Mike the Mad Biologist.

The most defined statement was to the effect that “we can all agree” that 4 R01 awards (concurrently) is excessive. The corollary is that science would be so much more efficient and productive if individual PIs were capped somewhere south of 4 R01s.

I’ll let the comments run for a bit but I have some woodshed time for the n00b PIs saved up for later.