Idle thought of the day

January 20, 2011

It is only through internet comments that I am realizing how much stupid, idiotic, dumbfuck information about the NIH grant process floats around out there. and why being at East Jezuz State University may be a serious handicap for a newbie Assistant Professor that wants to get a grant. The people that I was around as a newly independent investigator may have had some perspectives warped by their own experiences from long ago. But they were never full of flat out wrong shit like this.

..some of the faculty at my institution told my mentor that a code 44 is the kiss of death to applications.

Wrong, wrong, wrong, WRONG!!!!!!!

If you see a Vertebrate Animals or Human Subjects mention on your summary statement that is a bar to funding, all this means (in most cases) is that you have to fix the text of what you wrote in your application. It is not typically an actual objection to what you are doing or planning to do, you just didn’t describe it well. Or even if it IS more substantive, FIX IT!

If you got a score that is otherwise good enough to fund, there will be an internal review process of your revised sections. Assuming that goes well, you are good to go.

Anyone who claims that it is an automatic prevention of funding needs some re-education.

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