Hard headed applicant?

January 20, 2011

This cracked me up. In doing a little research for my post over at Sb, I ran across a couple of NIH applications that were funded on the A6 version. Yep, that means somebody submitted an application seven times to get it funded (this was prior to 1996 when you could do this). What sort of person would do that, I wondered?

Click to embiggen so you can appreciate the key point.

ahh, of course. Someone who was in year 28 of his other R01. Unfortunately RePORTER seems to have lost a lot of the historical data that CRISP used to have so it is hard to tell precisely. But you wanna bet this guy had one grant that he renewed continually for decades…then when it came time to write a new proposal had no idea how to deal with critical comments, perhaps from a new set of reviewers that were not his long time cronies?

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  1. ScienceGeek Says:

    The guy deserves credit for tenacity.

    I would rather submit a proposal 7 times than play games and pretend to submit 4 “new” proposals. Regardless, permanent study section members will be inclined to make people wait for their turn. And it is hard to argue with that, frankly, because there are too many unfunded good proposals out there.


  2. Beaker Says:

    I was discussing R01 applications with a department silverback the other day. He noted that when he submitted his first R01, there were no page limits. He submitted a 35-pager and got it on the first try. He says that if the funding situation then was the way it is now, he would have picked a different career.


  3. Jim Thomerson Says:

    Persistence is not the only virtue, but without it, the other virtues don’t amount to much.


  4. anon Says:

    NSF has no limits on how many times you can submit a proposal. I’m embarrassed to say how many times I submitted (so I won’t), but I finally got funded with them. You do what you have to.


  5. Cashmoney Says:

    No reason to be worried, these NIH douches submit the same number of times, they just have different code numbers attached….


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