This is just pathetic and sad

December 16, 2010

I happened to be on a journal’s website trying to download a paper just recently when I noticed the following prominent icon.

C’mon now. Why bother? 2.8 is perfectly respectable, I’m not capping on that. But you’d think they’d have some logic in there to forgo the bragging icon if the change was less than, say, a full point.

If there is one thing that reliably pisses me off it is the reality that our Nation’s capital city has a NFL football team named the “Redskins”. I mean seriously. Our Nation’s. Damn. Capital.

MySpace Graphics

Every time I get super pissed off, you know what I do? I go buy some logo wear from my favorite college intramural team.

Gooooooo Fightin’ Whites!
A mousepad perhaps? Naah, I hardly every use those, and anyway it doesn’t have much provocation value. Maybe a t-shirt?


Still time to get stuff shipped by Christmas! Buy a few items for your favorite ‘ggers, whoops, ‘skins fan.


For background, see the Fighting Whites Facebook page.