Twelve Months of DrugMonkey (2010)

December 6, 2010

The rules for this blog meme are quite simple.
-Post the link and first sentence from the first blog entry for each month of the past year.
I originally did this meme, after seeing similar posted by Janet Stemwedel and John Lynch. Last year’s edition is here and the 2008 edition is here.

  • Jan: A recent discussion thread moved into the topic of proper/improper expenditures under NIH grant awards. [link]
  • Feb: I’ve been keeping an eye on the situation in which the OSU President quashed the funding of an imminent NIH research award because it was “controversial” and “not in the best interest of OSU”. [link]
  • Mar: Every now and again I get a request to provide information to an individual who writes for a mainstream media print outlet. [link]
  • Apr: Score clustering, that is. [link]
  • May: The authorship position on a scientific manuscript is occasionally a matter of acrimonious debate within laboratories. [link]
  • Jun: A very simple question was posted over at the NatureJobs forum recently and to my eye the responses are quite disappointing so far. [link]
  • Jul: Quite some time ago Dr. Isis reviewed the complications associated with doing sex comparisons in scientific research. [link]
  • Aug: You may have heard a bit on your local news or perhaps read a piece in your local paper about quasi-legal synthetic marijuana products being sold in your local head shop as “incense”. [link]
  • Sep: aaaghhhh, this is killing me. [link]
  • Oct: yeah, pretty much like this….Slightly NSFW at the end so I’ll put it after the jump… [link]
  • Nov: As if the paper review mashup wasn’t hilarious enough…. [link]
  • Dec: Another quick and easy recipe for those of us who don’t have a whole lot of time in the kitchen anymore. [link]

If you join in, and you should even if you have been blogging less than a year, drop a link in the comments.

No Responses Yet to “Twelve Months of DrugMonkey (2010)”

  1. Kevin Z Says:

    I can’t even remember the last time we did a meme!


  2. Zuska Says:

    I’m playing! First time I’ve done this since 2006. Jane of See Jane Compute was still blogging back then, sigh.


  3. Yoder Says:

    And here’s mine.


  4. Dana Hunter Says:

    Silver Fox put me up to it! Better late than never, I suppose. Twelve Months of Verdad (2010)


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