Finishing up the 2010 Donors Choose Sciencebloggers for Students Drive

November 10, 2010

This year’s edition of the science blogosphere’s drive to raise money to support classroom projects with Donors Choose has ended. However, if you were a donor this year, we need you to do one more thing. HP has donated matching funds which will be translated into a gift-code sent to the email address you used to originally register.

To expend these funds, you need to check the value on the gift-code and then go to Donors Choose and donate this value to one or more remaining projects.

Please consider these fine remaining challenges from the DrugMonkey blog giving page.

A project for High School frog dissection requires only $278, we could reach the finish line on this one easily with the matching funds from those of you that already gave to the DM challenge.

A middle school pig dissection project is also probably within reach at $478 remaining.

Thanks for participating this year, donors!

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