This is just pathetic and sad

October 7, 2010 was the entity that got me hooked on reading scientific blogging. Truth be told, the entity that got me reading blogs at all. I somehow missed the ascendancy of the tech blog and the political blog.

Now, they are dying. Swirling the drain, just waiting for the plug to be pulled.

and by “they”, I mean “we”. Yeah, I’m still blogging there. More or less to-rule, but I’m there.

By my count they’ve lost about half of the traditional blogs over the summer. Nothing has emerged to replace that content. I click on my old favorite, the last-24 hrs feed and all I see is Pharyngula, Ed Brayton and Greg Laden. Not that I don’t still enjoy the content they provide now and again but…it has become tedious.

I don’t really understand why. I’m sure they can still find new creative meat happy to join the collective. Sb is still a big driver of traffic after all. Newbs would be happy to sign up even, as I suggested before, if they have to offer a new non-paying model to match the other collectives that emerged over the summer months.

The editorial office overseeing blogging operations has gone from useless occasional communication to radio silence. I haven’t seen a check from them in the past four months, I doubt any of the other bloggers have either. I say this not to complain, the money really doesn’t affect my bottom daily line. I say this to observe that even after losing half the blog talent (albeit not half the traffic, thus not half the payroll), things are no better financially for this operation. It simply cannot meet its financial obligations and refuses to so much as admit or address that fact.

Damn. It is painful to watch such clusterborkery.

3 Responses to “This is just pathetic and sad”

  1. David/Abel Says:

    Very sad, indeed. But I did get June’s check today.

    The odd thing is that they still have the top bloggers, traffic-wise. Why are they not taking advantage of the good will of the heavy-hitters who chose to stay? Agreed with you that given the ease of other networks to recruit all kinds of folks – and the total awesomeness of Scientopia – you’d think they’d have no problem rebuilding.

    I guess it’s just a matter of no longer caring – and that is very sad.


  2. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Drug Monkey, David J Kroll. David J Kroll said: I did at least get my June check today from ScienceBlogs – @drugmonkeyblog This is just pathetic and sad […]


  3. It’s unconscionable that Sciblings aren’t getting paid. But in defense of the content, it’s not just PZ, Ed and Greg, although they are the most prolific — and certainly dominate the top five posts all the time. I follow the combined feed, not the “last 24 hours” one, and just checked the home page. It still seems fairly lively and reasonably diverse. Personally, I find the combined feed far more manageable now…SEED/Science Blogs may be in trouble financially, but the Sciblings are still giving it their best, from what I’ve seen.

    And yes I also follow the combined feeds of Scientopia (indeed, a fantastic network) and the other relocated blogs, too. Google Reader is my friend. 🙂


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