Donors Choose Challenge 2010

September 30, 2010

It is my favorite time of year for blog-related group action activities.
Welcome back to the science blogosphere’s efforts to raise money to support classroom projects with Donor’s Choose.

As always, the key consideration is that every little bit counts. If prior years are any judge, the grad students in my readership are unbelievably generous, given their limited incomes. Just sayin, PIs, just sayin.
Also, I’ve selected a bunch of projects for your consideration that caught my eye for undoubtedly random and personal reasons. If you don’t see anything that catches your fancy, take a look through other bloggers’ lists or search for yourself at the Donor’s Choose site. No matter what you choose to support, kids win. And that means we all win.
Now, I must confess that I blew it this year. I was distracted working on some grant or other and blasted up my Donor’s Choose challenge page (Science up the Schools 2010!) ahead of the official launch date for the competition between blog collectives/interests. My total bad. but then The Gam launched….and our new MortalBlogEnemies launched…and what was I gonna do? Now PZ has thrown down with his 8 billion pound commentariat.
Sorry Janet. I’m not having a good few weeks here….

8 Responses to “Donors Choose Challenge 2010”

  1. Jessica Says:

    Look! my middle school has a project! I’m totally donating (today is payday, and the machine ate my experiment. I need a pick-me-up)


  2. AMW Says:

    Link please? Or am I blind?


  3. DrugMonkey Says:

    Probably you have ad blocking or something that is blocking the widgets. you are right, I should really have provided a link
    however, it also turns out that in my haze of real world responsibilities I kinda jumped the gun on this one. we’re not officially launched until the 10th of October…


  4. AMW Says:

    Ah, yes. I usually don’t browse Sb with adblock, but I turned it on recently for some reason or another.
    Looking forward to the philanthropic shenanigans.


  5. Dr. Feelgood Says:

    Uggh. You guilted me into it. It’s nice to GIVE a grant once in while…..


  6. DrugMonkey Says:

    Thanks Doc Feelgood, and yes it does feelgood to give out a grant now and again.


  7. Dr. Feelgood Says:

    We reached our goal on that project. Cmon slackers, get donating!


  8. microprof Says:

    I gave to increase my karma for my grant being reviewed on Friday. I need all the good vibes I can get


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