The zomg! grad school carnival is up at 49 percent

August 19, 2010

Go Read.
I’m not huge blog carnival reader but, wow, this is one of the biggest ones I’ve seen.
I guess people have a lot to talk about with respect to graduate school.
Naturally, I can’t possibly remember graduate school so that’s my excuse for not contributing.
Actually, I do have one thought. In the midst of some rather dismal dissertation writing months, a friend of mine (grad student, different department) was apparently tired of my moaning. He said “Why are you doing this if you hate it so much? No, really, why?
This was, as it happened, a really good question to pose. The sucky didn’t end with grad school. I’ve had plenty more episodes of work annoyance since then.
It wasn’t a panacea then, and it isn’t now, but my friend’s remark really helped me to focus on one thing.
I like this stuff. I like doing science, I like my research models, I like being half-way decent at certain parts of my job.
They do make it worthwhile plowing through the times in which things suck ass.

One Response to “The zomg! grad school carnival is up at 49 percent”

  1. almudena Says:

    Great post DM !!!. Keep going !


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