evolves into a science blogging collective

August 5, 2010

and a powerhouse at that.
LabSpaces was previously a science news aggregator but now has jumped hard into the science blogging game with some key acquisitions. Many of them are some of our good blog and Twitt friends including:
Odyssey of Pondering Blather (joining the kids, old man? :-))
biochem belle of There and Back Again
Dr. Becca of Fumbling Toward Tenure Track
Genomic Repairman
…and they have a bunch of other bloggers over there that you will like (and may already know).
kudos to Brian Krueger for assembling this new blog collective. Looks like great reading ahead.

6 Responses to “ evolves into a science blogging collective”

  1. Odyssey Says:

    Thanks for the shout out. As one of the kids over there pointed out, it might keep me young.
    Or it might kill me.


  2. Thanks for the link love, DM. I, for one, am having a good time over at LabSpaces, both with the blogs and the backchatter on Twitter and the forums.


  3. Much love for the plug big guy. And all you guys and gals at Scientopia are taking shape quite nicely.


  4. Dr Becca Says:

    There is no “the” in Fumbling Towards Tenure Track, dammit! 🙂
    Lab Spaces is super fun–love my new bloggy family!


  5. DM, you have to cool it with the promotion of LS, your Scientopia friends might catch on that you’re my mole. Meet me at west and 33rd, with the briefcase, you know the spot!
    Seriously though, thanks so much for all of your gratuitous links. I DMed Scientopia the other day about collaborating on carnivals, RSS feeds, etc. Heard nothing back, but that doesn’t mean I can’t start harassing you guys on a blogger to blogger basis. I really am looking forward to collaborating with you guys in the future. Keep up the good work!


  6. Ken Guggen Says:

    It´s irritating, Í am starting my new blog but encountering problems with network. Own room with a view, am a keyholder but my computer would not connect; yet the computer in the business hotel office works very well. I want to be able to work in my own room, this is nuts……


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