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August 5, 2010

It is a good day (even though the glass has only moved from 2.7% to 3.6% full).

and a powerhouse at that.
LabSpaces was previously a science news aggregator but now has jumped hard into the science blogging game with some key acquisitions. Many of them are some of our good blog and Twitt friends including:
Odyssey of Pondering Blather (joining the kids, old man? :-))
biochem belle of There and Back Again
Dr. Becca of Fumbling Toward Tenure Track
Genomic Repairman
…and they have a bunch of other bloggers over there that you will like (and may already know).
kudos to Brian Krueger for assembling this new blog collective. Looks like great reading ahead.

Since some of you all seem a tad bit obsessed over DrugMonkey, DrugMonkey, Drugmonkey perhaps we can confine your angst, hurt feelings, misunderstandings, curiosity, idle speculation, caring, carping, distress, whinging, concern and flailing to this thread?

I previously mentioned a new website, The Third Reviewer, dedicated to online discussion of the neuroscience literature.

This brings me to a new internet creation: The Third Reviewer


The first thing you will notice is the list of journals which publish scientific articles in the neurosciences in the tabs at the top. The site grabs a Table of Contents feed and lists each article as a commentable link/entry. The comprehensive coverage problem is solved.

The site allows anonymous commenting. This is huge.

The site has now expanded from neuroscience to cover microbiology topics.