After you make the rounds here at Scientopia, head on over to the science blogging collective today for a theme party on balancing work obligations with real life obligations.

Brian Kreuger found, as many do, that a scientist partner is best for understanding the obsession with work…but then he launched this whole LabSpaces thing- uh-oh.

Lab Mom likes her consistent schedule as a lab manager…but that only helps somewhat, as you might imagine.

biochem belle and partner are both “extremely driven, passionate and stubborn individuals”. I’m sure there are no partnerships like that in my readership…:-).

Lady Scientist is not keen to repeat a year of geographical distance from her partner, but wonders how this will be viewed.

Disgruntled Julie is also “balancing” a two-city partnership.

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Jade Ed‘s partner has given up trying to expect a reasonable relationship from a workaholic scientist.

Genomic Repairman….hmm. Dude, I may just have to give you some friendly advice when I get a chance… I sure as hell would if you were my trainee.

There’s more over there, folks. Go have a look around LabSpaces.

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