Scientopia: a new science blogging network

August 2, 2010

A brand new science blogging collective has launched itself today. I encourage you to stroll on over to and take a look-see. You may even want to save a bookmark or two.
The vision statement reads as follows:

Scientopia is a collective of people who write about science because they love to do so. It is a community, held together by mutual respect and operated by consensus, in which people can write, educate, discuss, and learn about science and the process of doing science. In this we explore the interplay between scientific issues and other parts of our lives with the shared goal of making science more accessible.
As a community, we strive to be welcoming of anyone with an interest in science and its place in our world, regardless of any feature, whether extrinsic or intrinsic, which may act or have historically acted as a barrier to full participation in science or discourses about science.

Hippie statements aside, I think you will find that Scientopia has some interesting voices lined up for your reading pleasure. So go take a look.

7 Responses to “Scientopia: a new science blogging network”

  1. Veronica Says:

    ” to stroll on over to
    It sounds exciting except that the link does not work.


  2. Scicurious Says:

    veronica, it works for me.


  3. Jen Says:

    I see that you have your blog up on Scientopia – will that be your new permanent home, or will you continue to maintain the SB and WordPress blogs?


  4. The link works for me, but much of the site does not. For instance, I can’t get a list of the blogs on the site (clicking the sidebar link does nothing).
    That is, of course, the downside of a blog network without a dedicated programmer (unless, of course, it uses Blogger as its backbone, as does


  5. There is a dedicated programmer, he just happens to have a day job as well. We’ve had some trouble with people’s work blocking the site, which may be the root of some problems. It is just one of the many small hurdles to getting this thing rolling, but bear with it.


  6. Odd. When I submitted my comment, I got a response saying that my comment was being blocked for having commented too many times lately (which was strange, since I hadn’t commented in a few days). Now I check today and see that hte comment was posted twice, hours apart.


  7. MitoScientist Says:

    I second the question, will Scientopia be your new permanent home, or will you just maintain three blogs? Interested readers want to know!


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