Midsummer Blogrolling

July 26, 2010

Ok, while I’m on housekeeping chores, might as well get this one out of the way. Been a little light on the Latest 24 Hrs channel lately hasn’t it? What with all the people leaving ScienceBlogs and the Strike and all there has not really been the same level of activity around here.
So I have a charge for you. Take a look down the blogroll (appended below), yes even if you are a regular reader. Find a link that is new to you, click over there and find us all something interesting to read. Bring it back over here and drop a link in the comments, eh? Oh, and make a comment on that site about what great stuff you think it is, will ya? (only please, DearReader, do not leave one of those assy comments saying “I came over here from DrugMonkey” because those make my skin crawl.)
If you’ve read every thing on the blogroll and can’t find any blogs you haven’t seen before, well, give me something new for the blogroll!


14 Responses to “Midsummer Blogrolling”

  1. almudena Says:

    All done DM as per your instructions


  2. pinus Says:

    Classic PI maneuver here….oh, do this reading for me and report back something interesting. Well Played DM!


  3. DuWayne Says:

    Sadly, I never seem to have made your blogroll…


  4. Dirk Hanson Says:

    Why are there only seven hotdogs in a Hebrew National packet?
    From Pondering Blather: http://ponderingblather.blogspot.com/2010/06/cook-out.html
    Just bought me a DrugMonkey coffee mug.


  5. Juniper Shoemaker Says:

    Thanks, DM. I am still here, even though I did not comment on the “Who are you?” post. 🙂


  6. DrugMonkey Says:

    Wow. I dunno how I managed to miss putting Traumatized by Truth on the Blogroll. Fixed!


  7. I know a particular animal cognition blog that appears to be missing…


  8. DrugMonkey Says:

    Scienceblogs.com blogs are ‘rolled up there in the pull down menu on the upper right.


  9. So they are. I think I’ve trained myself to ignore the right-hand sidebar 🙂


  10. DuWayne Says:

    See now, I can understand actually, because I do asshole things like moving my blog at a time like this…
    And also encourage those who are not blogging themselves – and who really, really should be blogging, to contact me about getting a shiny new blog of their own. Or perversely, encourage other bloggers who recognize that such and such commenter should have a blog of their own, to harass them mercilessly about doing so…


  11. DuWayne Says:

    If you’re still bored, I got the first post fostered by working on a paper about AR terrorists up…


  12. Isabel Says:

    “other bloggers who recognize that such and such commenter should have a blog of their own”
    who has time to blog?
    And I can’t imagine having to wade through all the hate mail I would probably get.
    If I have something to say I just say it over at CPP’s place.


  13. Just saw this one and I really like it! http://labrigger.com/blog/. They’re posting all types of random lab tricks like how to figure out bolt sizes and threads or how to clean your microscope objectives.


  14. almudena Says:

    I am recruiting bloggers as well


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