Notes for the day

July 21, 2010

More or less still on strike over at Scienceblogs even though PZ says things are moving along nicely.

Abel Pharmboy packed up Terra Sigillata and moved to a new wordpress blog

Johns Wilkins and Lynch are still grinding their axes of disgruntlement. A year later? Dudes, get a grip.

Yesterday’s illumination about Innovium as the VC firm behind was certainly instructive. I doubt that it has any real impact on my decision making with respect to the home of the DrugMonkey blog but it does put some things into perspective.

PhysioProf did a book review? whut?

Ed Yong had his genes screened by 23andme and dishes up an excellent report on the process and interpretive issues.

3 Responses to “Notes for the day”

  1. juniorprof Says:

    I thought I noticed something different on your SB site but couldn’t place it. Yellow to black and white… nice


  2. drugmonkey Says:

    oh, and one other note of the day. If #SbFAIL is gonna get juniorprof back to blogging and commenting that’s a win.


  3. juniorprof Says:



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