Who is a scientist?

July 2, 2010

From a Fermilab outreach project.

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10 Responses to “Who is a scientist?”

  1. Namnezia Says:

    Interesting! I like how the gender often changes from male to female after the visit. And if the scientist stays male, then he grows a goatee.


  2. anne Says:

    You’re awesome. I love this post. Thanks


  3. DrugMonkey Says:

    You’re awesome. I love this post. Thanks
    I should point out that this was brought to my attention by an occasional reader. I’m not certain if s/he wanted to be credited in a venue such as this..


  4. becca Says:

    *Most consistent change? Lab coat to no lab coat. I blame the anti-labcoat fizzycysts
    *I wish scientists lived up to Dan S.’s original idea
    *I like how Pat’s scientist got all buff


  5. whimple Says:

    I agree with Becca. The most consistent change is the 7th graders thought scientists did experiments with their hands, when really they just dweeb around on their computers all day.


  6. While we don’t verify it with before and after drawings, I’m always amazed by the difference in the perception of scientist before and after our field ecology courses for high school students. You’d be surprised how many walk away hoping to be field scientists…a drawing that, I’m sure, would differ from these substantially!


  7. Allyson J. Bennett Says:

    Thanks for posting this DM. It is a great example of a way to make a difference in how kids view science and scientists. It would be interesting to know how many programs are out there that use this technique. One other is a NSF-funded program at the University of Arkansas called “K-12, I Do Science” (KIDS). They’ve got an example of pre- vs post-program drawing that highlights the change in perception. It looks like a fantastic program.


  8. traineetheorist Says:

    I had stumbled across a press release from CERN a couple of weeks or so ago which showed some pretty cool images that kids had drawn of scientists – there was the usual Einstein-esq, but some clearly showed men and women with dress sense!
    Link: http://www.isgtw.org/?pid=1002580


  9. I love it! My favorite is how Katie observes that scientists can “decorate their offices however they want”. Ahaha, totes important!


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