Chime in on the Overlord's Future Planning

June 26, 2010

In the event you did not notice the badge, the powers that be here at are running a survey. They would like to solicit your input on some sort of “Premium Content” and, ahh, a fee structure.
I am just the messenger here. Even though I may possible have let some of my opinion slip on the Twitts, I’ll try to stay away from that here :-).

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  1. Neuro-conservative Says:

    Yeah, like I’m going to pay a penny for a bunch of junior high flame wars?
    I mean really — 80 bloggers providing content practically for free and the Overlords can’t make a profit?


  2. DrugMonkey Says:

    I am just the messenger here.


  3. Austin Says:

    I don’t know… I’m torn on this. I like the idea of supporting sites that do good things, but I’m almost completely against the idea of locking off certain content from the masses behind a pay wall, especially for something like ScienceBlogs.
    The other side of it is that I know at least a few of the bloggers here do it for altruistic (or just entertainment) reasons, even donating the money they get to various charities. If people started to be charged for their content, I’m not sure how they’d take it.
    It’s strange; I think I’d feel better about simply giving SB $60 a year (if they asked) than paying $60 a year for exclusive content.


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