Call for Scientiae Blog Carnival: Describe your dream institute

June 26, 2010

JaneB of Now, what was I doing? blog has the reins for the July edition of the Scientiae Blog Carnival. It struck my fancy.

So for this carnival, I thought it would be fun to revive an old game we played in my grad-lab, ‘Fantasy Institute’. The rules of the game are simple – you have been selected as the Director of a newly endowed research institute. It is your job to decide where the institute will be based, its codes of conduct, its structure, and who you will hire. Dream away! Tell us what would make your institute a haven for scientists. A ‘everyone must leave by 5pm’ rule? A woodland setting with squirrel feeders? Daily shipments from your favourite supplier?
Please submit posts on this, or any topic related to women in science, by emailing the permalink URL of your post to scientiaecarnival [a] gmail [dt] com by 11:59 pm GMT on Wednesday, June 30th. The carnival will be posted by July 1st.

2 Responses to “Call for Scientiae Blog Carnival: Describe your dream institute”

  1. Osiris Says:

    I am not sure where we are supposed to post, here at DM or at the Scientiae blog ?.
    I would like to create a National Institute for Human Fitness…..


  2. DrugMonkey Says:

    Ah yes, the tradition for a blog carnival is that bloggers who are interested write something relevant for their blogs. Then, the host collects all the links and writes up a summary that gives you all the links to visit. So if you have a blog, do it there and send your link to the host.
    Commenter involvement is anywhere you like, as far as I am concerned. On the announcement at the host blog would be a good place to do it. On the contribution post of any of your favorite bloggers, to reach your own favored community could be a plan. And I’m always happy to get comments here, of course 🙂


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