Blogrolling: Academic Jungle

June 21, 2010

I have a good one for you, DearReader, in the event you haven’t seen it yet. Actually, Academic Jungle, penned by GeekMommyProf has been on the blogroll since about the third or fourth post. Still, I’ve been burned once before when a blogger disappeared after a strong start. so I was waiting for a little more of a track record. Anyway, Academic Jungle has just passed a month and looks to be continuing on strongly.
The author describes herself as:

Tenured female prof at a large public research university, in one of the STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) fields. Blogs on navigating the early years as an independent academic.

A taster after the jump:

GMP on Group Morale:

[postdoc] got some nice questions, but what I noticed was how he was always saying “We are the only group that did this… Bigwig’s group considered only [a small subset of cases] so our group rocks.” He could have said “I” or “we”, but he was indeed referring to “the group” several times through the conversation. …It got me thinking about how important the concept of belonging to a group actually is to students and postdocs. My feeling is that it is VERY important, and that the group’s cohesiveness is critical for everyone’s feeling of contentment.

GMP on Academia the Unappealing:

I asked a collaborator’s student, who is getting ready to graduate, if she planned on going on the academic track (postdoc, then tenure track). She said ‘Oh, no way!’ Another student, who will graduate in a few months, concurred that he would never ever consider going into academia. ..My colleagues (the other faculty) and I looked at each other in mock disbelief.

GMP on Academic => Politician : True or False?

In other words, if you have no political skills, your chances of getting a position and thriving as a tenure-track and later tenured faculty are, well, zilch. …you need lab space, as does Prof Labhog. Who gets it? It depends on your seniority, Labhog’s seniority, how much each of you is liked by Department Chair or the person(s) who has Chair’s ear.

In the unlikely event you are still here after so much inducement, Go Read.

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