Holy Schmoly—We got Deborah Blum???

May 10, 2010


Speakeasy Science

Although my most recent book, The Poisoner’s Handbook, is about murder and the invention of forensic toxicology in the early 20th century, my earlier works have focused on primate research, the science of affection, biology of gender differences, and even a 19th century scientific quest to prove that we live on after death. Does this variety of interests suggest a short attention span? Well, maybe. But it’s more that I’m fascinated by the intersection of science and society – how each changes the other – and by the very human story of science itself. All my books seek to explore that terrain in different ways. The last three focus on moments in the history of science as a way of looking at ideas that have changed the way we think.
This blog is about such moments – past and present – that illuminate the way we think about our world. It may focus on research from the past. It may be about current investigations. It may concern tales from my books, from those already published to works in progress. I welcome all comments, suggestions, and blog ideas.

Did I mention she wrote The Poisoner’s Handbook?

One Response to “Holy Schmoly—We got Deborah Blum???”

  1. qaz Says:

    Cool! For those who are interested, Deborah Blum’s books on animal rights issues (The Monkey Wars and Love at Goon Park) are by far the most reasonable, most complete, and most fair books on the issues by anyone I’ve seen anywhere. Highly recommended!


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