Obviously, I'm busy.

April 29, 2010

Sorry dudes.
DoubleDoc captures the essence. One of the biggest rushes of science is the…..grant proposal?
Dr. Jekyll & Mrs. Hyde cannot figure out how to strip off the cover page when she downloads a PDF version of a paper.
I had a great scientific meeting recently, in case you care. ….as if.
Absolutely classic Professor in Training on the proper behavior at a scientific meeting. (My fat feet have now recovered, thank you very much.)
BSDs of science only see other BSDs of science. This really is a huge problem and I am not so quick to let OBSD off the hook, personally.
revere takes on correlation-is-not-causation triumphalism. Read it.
Apple is being incredibly stupid about their lost next-gen iPhone. Losers weepers dudes, losers weepers.
Candid Engineer sounds just about ready to be a PI.
and finally, how can you not like a title like this?
Things I Learned While Filming A Horror Movie Outside On A Mountain In The Catskills In The Dead Of Night Through Sub-Zero Temperatures With No Sleep, Little Food, And Some Decent Scotch

No Responses Yet to “Obviously, I'm busy.”

  1. Link love, w00t! 🙂


  2. SurgPA Says:

    Thanks for prompting me to reaquaint with Analog Nation. I’ll have to let Kit know you included him in your linklove!


  3. Thanks for linking to your own motherfucking co-blogger, cockbag.


  4. I now have helpful comments from people about how I can just type “2-6” into the print dialog or whatever. Prick.


  5. My fat feet have now recovered, thank you very much.

    Serves you right for not getting them out of the way in the first place. Grrrrr.


  6. Thanks for linking to your own motherfucking co-blogger, cockbag.
    Maybe you should write something worth linking to, doucheweasel.


  7. Who asked you, fucknerd?


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