Press Release on Traffic

April 6, 2010

The Seed Media Group media center has a press release out [ pdf ] bragging on how awesomez we in the stable are. Key stats include:

• Visits for the quarter ending March 31 grew by 41% year-over-year to approximately 13 million, and page views topped 25 million. Monthly unique visitors grew to 2.4 million worldwide and in the US surpassed 2 million for the first time this March.
• Total visits for 2009 grew by 55% year-over-year to 45 million and average monthly unique visitors climbed 49% to 1.9 million.
• has achieved high double-digit traffic growth (at least 50%) every year since its launch in 2006.

Nice job sciblings!!

I bother to highlight this for a number of reasons, including bragging on the performance of my fellow bloggers here under the Sb umbrella.
More importantly, however, I return to one of my occasional themes that if you think that science and science-related online activities are useful, you should also be interested in extending this usefulness to your colleagues. Whether it be your professional topic domain, mentoring, grant seeking, a rekindled interest in SuperCharismaticExtinctTetrapods doesn’t really matter. If you want to see greater integration with your professional life you have to demonstrate efficacy to a skeptical audience. has not been in lockdown, precisely, about their traffic numbers but they have considered it privileged and proprietary information. So it has been hard to use this network to show others exactly what potential audiences exist. This is a nice step forward in openness.


21 Responses to “ Press Release on Traffic”

  1. Isis the Scientist Says:

    Go us!!!


  2. wonder how much of it is international growth.


  3. Lab Lemming Says:

    Presumably the international is the total minus the US…


  4. msphd Says:

    yeah, but how much money do they make? how much money do you make from blogging?


  5. DrugMonkey Says:

    me? I make beer money. and schwag-distributing money.
    (in other words, so far as I know the payscale is not for public distribution. also, when it comes to my own goals inre getting performance numbers out of a blog collective, the pay doesn’t really factor in.)


  6. Any ideas about what the spikes up and down around 2008 are all about?


  7. DrugMonkey Says:

    You are asking me? Dude, you predate me up in this joint….


  8. Just as long as I’m not blamed for it…
    Actually, I’m trying to remember if the site was particularly fubar then, and I don’t think it was. Curious.


  9. razib Says:

    re: 2008, what was happening on PZ’s blog? he’s the biggest effect independent variable….


  10. Coturnix Says:

    My guess is that two biggest spikes are Crackergate and Expelled, and smaller ones are Framing War, Sizzle review and 1,000.000th comment party.


  11. Greg Laden Says:

    The spikes are either crackergate or PZ getting expelled out of Expelled.
    We make a LOT of money blogging here. Piles. DrugMonkey and some of the other bloggers are on a different scale, though, so don’t tell them! I just bought a new yacht.
    I don’t think our international traffic has grown out of proportion to our total traffic, but there is a fair amount of diversity in that area. Funny, my facebook community (of active commenters/link exchangers) is way international compared to Sb readers. (But much smaller)


  12. Isis the Scientist Says:

    yeah, but how much money do they make? how much money do you make from blogging?

    I don’t know about DrugMonkey, but I get pizzzzzaid. It’s good to be a blogger.


  13. The Gregarious Misanthrope Says:

    How much traffic did Gene Expression and Not Exactly Rocket Science take with them?
    @ Isis
    “pizzzzzaid”? Is that like food stamps for pizza?
    Will blog for food.


  14. razib Says:

    my sitememter and pz’s is public. i had 2-3 K visitors per day before i left. pz has 80 K per day right now.


  15. I make beer money. and schwag-distributing money.

    Speaking of which, don’t forget to send my monthly share to the Bentley dealer.


  16. Isis the Scientist Says:

    There is no evidence that when anyone leaves they they “take traffic with them.” Many of the people who come to ScienceBlogs read several of the blogs, as is evidenced by the fact that TGM is a frequent commenter at my place and is also commenting over here. When one blogger leaves, the most of the readers still read other content in the network.
    ScienceBlogs has had a couple of bloggers leave for other opportunities in the last year, but as is evidenced from the press release, our traffic has grown. Readers have not been “leaving with” departing bloggers.
    The other thing I would point out is that, while a couple of the well established bloggers have left to explore other venues, ScienceBlogs has welcomed some new and excellent talent. Casaubon’s Book, Tomorrow’s Table, Obesity Panecea, and Confessions of a Science Nerd are all blogs with great potential on the network. AND, many of these new blogs are written by real, card-carrying scientists. If you ask me, ScienceBlogs is a pretty exciting place to be right now.


  17. Congrats, guys! Nice work.


  18. Anonymous Says:

    My own observation (no statistics) is that traffic on a given blog can also be influenced by the persence of certain commenters and their comments i.e., certain commenters attract others who follow the commenter wherever she goes, including other blogs. Frequently, that commenter attracts greater traffic because many times she inflames the readers or the blogger, even to a point that said commenter is banned. When that happened, a drop in trafic on the blog(s) that that commenter is banned from is apparent.


  19. SR Says:

    “Go us!!!”
    That reminds me of the story about the elephant and the mouse who were running side by side in the desert; the mouse looked backward for a moment, tapped the elephant on his toe and said: “hey buddy, look at all the dust we’re raising behind us.”


  20. Cashmoney Says:

    Good one SR!!! And good thing ElephLaden has a tolerant sense of humour, wot?


  21. Isis the Scientist Says:

    Riiiiiiiiiight, Anonymous. Right.


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