April 5, 2010

in case you were wondering where I’ve been lately, I’m talking about those ballot-happy Californicans and their upcoming attempt to legalize recreational dope smoking over at A Vote for Science.

One Response to “breadcrumbs…”

  1. DSKS Says:

    Good stuff. It’s a shame, and slightly disturbing, that the following needs to be constantly re-iterated when it comes to discussing the role of science in policy decisions:
    “But I argue strenuously that the biomedical science should not be perverted and distorted in the political cause.”
    In a number of arenas – e.g. climate change, evolution, and this debate right here – there has been the odd bit of strong-arming from the progressive side that has come perilously close to misrepresenting the very establishment it traditionally endeavours to appeal to. Once you politicize science, you neuter it as a persuasive force in objective decision making; it might win you a short-term victory (“Whoopee, we can smoke!”), but it’s going to cost you dearly whenever you try to bring a tarnished science to your defence on any other issue of social import.


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