PhysioProf's faaaaaavorite…

February 17, 2010

…Link Vomitus!
Prof-like Substance and Professor in Training fire up the DisgruntledPostdocTM
Odyssey notes that four bloggers will be officially covering the annual meeting of the Biophysical Society.
Privilege 306 (via 49 percent)
All About Addiction, one of the Psychology Today blog efforts.
Do you treat your academic trainees identically, or customize based on the individual? Is the latter bias or good mentoring?
PalMD is kinda cute when he gets crabby.
MsPHD is going to put together a book, woot! (I’m one of those that enjoys blog entries organized into a print volume if that is what she is planning. Think she’ll ask PP and I for jacket blurbs????)

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  1. msphd Says:

    yes, you should put your jacket blurbs here. I’m sure you’ll say something supportive and understanding, as always, since your experiences have been identical to mine and you know exactly what it’s been like for me.


  2. DoucheMonkey, you’re pathetic.


  3. Isabel Says:

    I’ll tell you what’s pathetic CPP. Stuff White People Do is a pathetic blog. Who the hell is the blogger, and what are his credentials? Yet he makes all kinds of ridiculous UNscientific claims about “common white tendencies”. The commenters are even worse.
    He is another one who absolutely refuses to discuss class privilege, as if all we needed to do to achieve equality was get rid of racism and sexism. Whine whine whine. (and 49% is just as bad).
    Hey guilty upper class liberals – go unburden yourselves! You will emerge purified and (temporarily) guilt-free! Then you can go back to being assholes as usual.


  4. DrugMonkey Says:

    You will find a more scientific treatment of the topic here, Isabel.


  5. Isabel Says:

    hahaha it’s the same shit! i heard that guy interviewed on NPR. At least he admits it’s really about upper-class white people mainly (interestingly all the callers kept bringing up this concern) and he doesn’t claim any expertise in the social sciences like navel-gazer cookie-seeker macon-d does.
    Go to macon d’s site and learn how “white people” always assume “PoC” will watch their children for free. Yes, this is a common white tendency! Nevermind that the vast majority of whites don’t expect ANYONE else to watch their kids, and many of us lower class whites take care of upper class whites’ kids, and get the same shitty treatment!
    Yes, I realize I’m being way too logical here.


  6. Isis the Scientist Says:

    I think his credentials are his whiteness.


  7. Dr. O Says:

    I just read PalMD’s crabby post and I’m in stitches! Thanks DM…needed the laugh today. 😀


  8. Isabel Says:

    Way to miss the point of my post Isis.


  9. anonymous Says:

    But you can’t deny you’re learning to spell things right !


  10. Isabel Says:

    Scaredy-cat anonymous,
    You are an asshole. Know one has any idea, or cares, what you are talking about.
    And Isis, I’m intrigued to know that in your view my “whiteness” makes me credentialed to make broad, unsubstantiated statements about the psychology and behaviors of entire races of people! Is it your whiteness that makes you feel you can get away with that shit too? You are also an asshole btw.


  11. Isabel, Says:

    Did you like my spelling, Anony-cat? Hahaha.


  12. anonymous Says:

    Yes, I do like very much your spelling since I have discovered that you’re CPP’s teen sister.


  13. Donna B. Says:

    hahahaha… in my family, the question should be why do white women like Asian men so much?
    The stereotype of Asian women “using” white men for their “privilege” is soooo a thing of a generation or two ago.


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