Recap: Ovrhrd @ #scio10 (UPDATED)

January 19, 2010

Overheard at ScienceOnline2010. TrueStory.

drugmonkeyblog: Ovrhrd @ #scio “You know why #FWDAOTI will never completely replace IRL discussion? Spittle.”
drugmonkeyblog: Ovrhrd @ #scio10 “Huh, actually locopops aren’t that tasty…”
drugmonkeyblog: ovrhrd @ #scio10 “Do you blog?” Times EleventyBajillion. Eyeroll #FWDAOTI
drugmonkeyblog: Ovrhrd @scio10 “I never get a good look @BoraZ, he never stops moving”
drugmonkeyblog: ovrhrd @scio10 “Yes, this is where the magic happens, right here on this laptop my friend..”
abelpharmboy: Ovrhrd @ #scio10 “Squeeee!!! I think that’s Francesco W. Daoti – amirite?”
RDGluck: Ovrhrd @ #scio10 “WWBD” (What would Bora do?)
pervwank: Ovrhrd @ #scio10 “There was no squee!”
drugmonkeyblog: Ovrhrd @ #scio10 “I’m totally stoked for the Sunday session ‘Sockpuppetry for Dumbasses'”
drugmonkeyblog: Ovrhrd @ #scio10 “OMG, PZ *just walked in the back!!* Don’t everyone look at once..”
drugmonkeyblog: Ovrhrd @ scio10 “..Nature Networks were down two after the Jaeger shots but they put four ocean bloggers out of it on the rum round..SB? Ha”
drugmonkeyblog: Ovrhrd @#scio10 “If your pillow is insufficiently fluffed, tweet and @BoraZ will be right over”
drisis: Ovrhrd @ scio10# Speakers, please tweet me when you wake up so I know you won’t sleep thru your session.
drisis: Ovrhrd @scio10 I can’t come drink. I have to finish this post.
drugmonkeyblog: Ovrhrd @ #scio10 “What do you mean ‘Line up by monthly page views’??!??”
drugmonkeyblog: Ovrhrd @ #scio10 “You can’t arrest *me* officer! I have multiple advanced degrees from ow, ow, ow, ow…”
drugmonkeyblog: Ovrhrd @ #scio10 “Say, where are all the HuffPo health and science bloggers hanging out?”
drugmonkeyblog: Ovrhrd @scio10 “ r *killing* me! You r hilarious, u should totes blog! Wait..what? *You* are one of those humourless SB feminazis?”
drugmonkeyblog: Ovrhrd @ #scio10 “I LOVE your blog..what have I read recently? Oh… Um…Ah…hey I have a session starting in 10, ciao!”
drugmonkeyblog: Ovrhrd @ #scio10 “Dude, @PhysioProf isn’t here..that was just Greg f*cking with you….”
drugmonkeyblog: Ovrhrd @ #scio10 “Mooned hey @BoraZ, maybe we should have turned the Ustream off at 4:30 after all…”
oystersgarter: Don’t need IRB w/o a backbone! RT @drugmonkeyblog: Ovrhrd #scio10 “Hey ocean dorks, you got IRB approval for that ‘Drunken Sailor’ study?”
UPDATE: Thanks to, I found some older ones.
drugmonkeyblog: Ovrhrd @ #scio10 “How am I supposed to hear the speaker with all this damn click-clackety-click?! ”
drugmonkeyblog: Ovrhrd @ #scio10 “Wait…you are a *WOMAN*? but you blog like….whoa, Crying Game over here…”
drugmonkeyblog: Ovrhrd @ #scio10 “These OpenAccess wackaloons are crazier then…what? What did I say? Whaddaya mean, leave?”
drugmonkeyblog: Ovrhrd @ #scio10 “The sun is *not* over the yardarm and no, being oceanbloggers doesn’t mean grog is allowed in the session rooms!”
drugmonkeyblog: Ovrhrd @ #scio10 “I keep trying to get autographs from Nisbet and Mooney…anyone seen them around?”
drugmonkeyblog: Ovrhrd @ #scio10 “That’s weird, @docfreeride curses like @PhysioProf in real life….”
drugmonkeyblog: Ovrhrd @ #scio10 “Before we open this session, let us pray…”
drugmonkeyblog: Ovrhrd @ #scio10 “ScienceBlogs? Is that like an uncouth American version of Nature Network, old chap?”
drugmonkeyblog: Ovrhrd @ #scio10 “PZ Myers? Do you blog?”
drugmonkeyblog: Ovrhrd @ #scio10 “You know, that ‘Borat’ joke gets really freaking old dude”
drugmonkeyblog: Ovrhrd @ #scio10 “My sock puppet went to #scio10 and all I got was a lousy t-shirt”

No Responses Yet to “Recap: Ovrhrd @ #scio10 (UPDATED)”

  1. Greg Laden Says:

    Best post on the conference yet.


  2. Erin Says:

    Ha! Ha! Oh man, this is so good.


  3. EMJ Says:

    What? No mention of Carl Zimmer’s corkscrew genitalia?


  4. How the fuck do you deranged douchebags even parse that fucking twitter garbage!?!? It’s destroying your fucking minds.


  5. Greg Laden Says:

    Including the URL you are five letters over, CPP. Please try to be more concise.


  6. well, this SB feminazi wishes she had been there this year! *cry*


  7. Super Sally Says:

    Ask dr. free-ride where she learned how.


  8. DrugMonkey Says:

    OMG, SprogGram reads my blog? OMG, OMG, OMG….
    These are *jokes*! I made it up, I swear! I wasn’t even there!!!!


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