Open Laboratory 2009 Selections Announced!

January 13, 2010

The Editor of the 2009 edition of the Open Laboratory print anthology of science-oriented blogging, SciCurious of Neurotopia, has announced the selected posts from last year’s science blogospheric efforts. I own two of the prior editions of the anthology, so obviously I’m a big fan. As an additional disclaimer, I was asked to review as subset of the 760 nominated posts this year.
I won’t steal all of SciC’s fire, and the selections are all excellent, but I did want to note a couple of my own favorites to get you in the mood…

Breastatistics, by Dr. Jekyll and Mrs. Hyde.
The Weird History of Vaccine Adjuvants by Neuron Culture.
Academia: slowing down the search for cures? at Respectful Insolence.
It’s official: we really have saved the ozone layer, at Highly Allocthonous.
The rightful place of the science and the African-American community from the Young Black Professional Guide.
Impediments to dialogue about animal research, parts 2, 3, and 4 from Adventures in Ethics and Science.

No Responses Yet to “Open Laboratory 2009 Selections Announced!”

  1. SurgPA Says:

    Damn. There goes hours of my life, an hours-long cool, thought-provoking reading list. When am I supposed to get actual work done???


  2. DrugMonkey Says:

    I think of it as an ongoing liberal arts education without the tuition cost, SurgPA.


  3. S. Rivlin Says:

    Dr. Free-Ride, the jewel in the crown!


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