Happy Thanksgiving

November 26, 2009

To you DearReader, whether in the US or not. This is our day for reflecting on that for which we are thankful in our lives.
I am deeply thankful to you all for stopping by on occasion and reading what we have to say. I am especially grateful for those who bother to comment, whether it be to deliver a quick agreement or a lengthy smackdown of Your Humble Narrator.
Have a fantastic vacation if you are in the US and have a great normal day if you are not.

No Responses Yet to “Happy Thanksgiving”

  1. msphd Says:

    or if you’re a postdoc.
    I’m just sayin’.
    Thanks for blogging, DM! Keep up the good work.


  2. Happy Thanksgiving, Brother Drug.


  3. Kaká Says:

    Quickly we came back Thanksgiving, now we must try not to eat too much rich dishes that will Get us n the usual dinner, one must know already control indicates that it is more in this celebration where we neglected…


  4. Back to work motherfuckers! Thanksgivings over with.


  5. eileen Says:

    @4. Are you CPP’s son?. You’re all workaholics.


  6. A very Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours as well, DM.


  7. Are you CPP’s son?. You’re all workaholics.

    CPP is the furthest thing from a workaholic.


  8. Happy T-day to you too! I have a lot to be thankful for this year…


  9. Gingerale Says:

    Thank you DM. I’m grateful for the community of pseudonymous scholars who provide context and color for my work experiences.
    CPP & you are good for me.


  10. becca Says:

    Thank you for being awesome DM.
    And thank you for being wrong occasionally so I can point it out!


  11. Sadly I am not the child of CPP unless the cheap bastard has been holding out on child support payments. Just a lowly graduate student with a mediocre work habit who finds cell culture more interesting than Black Friday shopping.


  12. eileen Says:

    Nothing wrong with being a CPP’s child. CPP is one of the funniest!. I know what’s like doing cell culture during thanksgiving holidays. Cell cultures are the workaholic ones!. Anyway, Belated Thanksgiving to you Dedicated Grad Student. Keep the good work going.


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