A videographic primer on how to respond to reviewer comments

November 24, 2009

It may have escaped your attention but every so often we try to provide some practical career advice. Grant writing, job applications and interviews, that sort of thing. The posts by PhysioProf are usually particularly well received.
Today, he has agreed to supply a video of how he plots a response strategy with his co-authors after receiving a typical set of reviewer comments. (We ask that you keep any speculation as to his actual identity to yourselves.)
I think you will find this instructive.

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  1. Greg Laden Says:

    Been there. Not fun. Too real.


  2. PUI Prof Says:

    That was hilarious!!


  3. This is beyond hilarious. Danke, danke for this.


  4. becca Says:

    My advisor looks nothing like that dude. BUT at about 0.40 in, when he hears about reviewer #3, the look on his face… I’ve seen exact expression on my advisor’s face.


  5. Yesssss – this confirms that I had correctly guessed PP’s identity!


  6. Pinhard Megan Says:

    There are PPs whose identity can be easily guessed.


  7. leayem Says:

    C’mon, it’s obvious that dude and becca’s advisor are identical twins. Mother nature.


  8. zippy Says:

    I’ve been laughing for about an hour!
    FUCK REVIEWER THREE!!! I love it….


  9. I recently had to deal with reviewer #3. I think my reaction was quite similar. At least I had the data.


  10. antipodean Says:

    CPP has a really stupid looking moustache.
    Also for a dude called comrade he joined the wrong party before WWII.


  11. Funny…I too recently had a run in with reviewer 3! They sure do get around.
    Absolutely brilliant!!


  12. msphd Says:

    Link is not working for me (using Safari- wtf?) but I know it’s the same video someone sent me yesterday based on the comments. I love it, except for the part where they say the additional experiments will only take a few days. That’s SO not true. Try years. And millions of dollars. That would be more like the reviews I’ve gotten.


  13. rotifera Says:

    Brilliant! I laughed until I cried … twice. I just had this happen to me as well, and my response was pretty much the same.


  14. Ex prof Says:

    This brilliant video came on the day I rejected a manuscript as the third reviewer!!


  15. apallaian Says:

    I have to congratulate the author (s) of “A videographic primer on how to respond “ because it is the almost exact representation of a High Rank scientist Administrator, whose primary language is not English. His English should be almost perfect since he has been practicing High Neuroscience at the American Academy of NeuroMoney for almost half a century; unfortunately his English is far from perfect. On the other hand, you don’t need English to practice academic neuroscience; you need Money and the perfect language this scientist-turned money seeker speaks and keeps practicing is obscurantism, written and spoken in “palaces of intrigue”.
    These palaces of intrigue are not laboratories where you breathe curiosity and fascination for brain function and dysfunction. They are “Stock Exchange Dark Rooms” where the High Rank money maker meets with associates to discuss the works of rich followers and make secret plans on destroying the reputation of equal rights supporters and kill peasant protesters without leaving a trace.
    The High Rank neuropathologist, with greek accent and pseudoaristotelian background, has a powerful technique microscopy/histology based, who he has developed in association with the neurocelebrity couple under the auspices of an endocrinology-based Dean of the Academy and his female assistant executive of faculty affairs. The technique has not been patented yet but was designed for high and strong impact. The Technique is called: Connections for Gold Staining. Basically, they look for connections, not only neural connections, but also in the physiological/psychiatric “bodies of knowledge”. Once the connections have been established, the Death gene in a specific human subject is turned on by Gold Staining. This Gold Staining has nothing to do with Ramon y Cajal methodological approaches. It is just an ancient technique, imaginary based, aimed at destroying peasants’s professional future and reputation.


  16. DrugMonkey Says:


    Various scenes from Constantin Film’s movie, Downfall, about the final days of Hitler, had been used for over two years as the basis for hundreds of internet video parodies of Hitler’s rants, featuring subjects as different as Michael Jackson’s death and Scott Brown’s election. Citing copyright infringment, Constantin Film requested that YouTube, the main venue for these parodies, remove them from its site. YouTube acquiesced to this request, and on 19 April 2010, began to remove the Hitler ‘Downfall’ Parodies.

    Tragic….don’t they realize how many people went back and watched the actual movie because of these parodies? short sighted…


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