Economy still bad, kids need your help!

October 14, 2009

Thanks to those of you who have already donated to the DonorsChoose Social Media Challenge for 2009! The DrugMonkey blog readers have been participating in our Challenge and have already raised $675 from 21 donors. Along the way you have helped to fund 9 proposals from school teachers!
But there are still lots of interesting and fun projects that could use your help and I will remind you that every little bit helps. Even $5 or $1 moves each of those proposals closer to reality. Since this drive started this blog has received anywhere from 500 to 1700 unique visitors per day. A little poll I ran received over 70 responses. You can scroll through and review the number of comments we get for yourself. So I know you like talking and thinking about science and the business of science, DearReader. How about giving a little bit of that back? Spread the science love around and throw down a little for the kids?

No Responses Yet to “Economy still bad, kids need your help!”

  1. tom Says:

    Thanks for the reminder…finally got around to donating!


  2. DrugMonkey Says:

    What’s on, Isis? I am merely cheerleading for the whole gang… 🙂


  3. DrugMonkey Says:

    Thanks tom, really appreciate it and I’m sure the teachers and children will as well!


  4. Come on people I’m a broke ass grad student and even I can spare some coin for the kids.


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