Special Edition DM Blog T-shirt

October 13, 2009

Some of the Twitt chatter seems to be agreeing with me that the SfN Interactive preferred Twitter hashtags are ill considered. In particular, one of them sends a message that they probably didn’t intend. So for a limited time the DrugMonkey Blog SchwagShop will feature slightly altered designs. (They will return to normal after the meeting for those of you looking to spend your Commenter Appreciation Prizes or your DonorsChoose Appreciation Prizes.)
Yeah, yeah, I got to this so late that you are going to have to either figure out how to ship it to your hotel or pay a buttload for shipping. Sorry. I really did it so I can hand out some appreciation prizes in person, sue me.

No Responses Yet to “Special Edition DM Blog T-shirt”

  1. D00d, Tom Carew’s gonna beat your motherfucking ass!


  2. Juniper Shoemaker Says:

    this translates to “SfN is the Meh”
    When you first wrote that, I laughed until the tears filled my eyes.


  3. D00d, Tom Carew’s gonna beat your motherfucking ass!
    Nah, it’s the hordes of denigrated Theme H’ers you should worry about.


  4. Physiogroupie IV Says:

    Chicago is going to be cold, no? DrugMonkey winter apparel? SFN is teh Meh indeed.


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