SfN Interactive: Announcing Neurobloggers

October 13, 2009

Okay folks, the SfN has finally gotten it’s act together and posted the list of official Neurobloggers for the 2009 meeting.
Official SfN blogging/Twitting:
Genes to Brain to Mind to Me (dendrite)
The OneSci Network (OneSci)
Neurotopia (scicurious; @scicurious)
The Shelled Walnut (Kristen; @ShelledWalnut)
Mike Pascoe’s Blog (Mike Pascoe; @mpascoe)
Dormivigilia (Allison Brager)
NeuroTechnica (Tommy Sprague; @M_ostlyharmless)
Neuroethics at the Core (Kate Tairyan, Carole Federico and Daniel Buchman)
NeuroScoop (BrainScientist; @brainscientist2)
Mind At Large (SolomonMayo)

Let me know if you are blogging/Twitting the meeting and I’ll link you up here too.
Un-official SfN blogging/Twitting:
DrugMonkey (YHN, @drugmonkeyblog)
Laura Mariani; @lauramariani
Dr. Becca; @doc_becca
Bjoern Brembs
SfN Potomac Chapter (sean; @SFNpc)
DigiNeuroLab; @balajajian


Science Life; @ScienceLife

No Responses Yet to “SfN Interactive: Announcing Neurobloggers”

  1. Eight motherfucking blogs? That’s it?


  2. DrugMonkey Says:

    Eight which made the grade for their special attention, yes. I would view this as more of their inability to grasp what social media can do / does but wth, it is a start.
    Perhaps next year they will have the jumbo-tron scrolling hashtagged Twitts*?
    *HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!! …it’d be awesome though


  3. Dr Becca Says:

    I may be looking at the links wrong, but from what I can tell, Shelled Walnut doesn’t actually have a blog yet? It looks like she created the blog for the meeting…but how did they judge her? I thought part of the touted benefits of being an official blogger was more exposure for your blog. That you have already.


  4. DrugMonkey Says:

    but how did they judge her
    I expect that the person behind this blog has another pseudonymous blog with a longer track record and she was evaluated on the basis of that.
    Mixed bag. A good thing for the blogger to get some formal crediting. A bad thing for SfN to not have the built in audience presumably established by the prior blog.


  5. El Picador Says:

    Kinda…pale aren’t they? shoor hope the pseuds and whoever is blogging from OneSci will brighten up the place a bit…oh who are we kidding. We know they are 100% palefaces…


  6. Mike Pascoe Says:

    Pale? Guess I better scrap that planned neuroblog post about albino lab rats!
    Wish me luck as I go forth into the unknown that is blogging a neuroscience conference!


  7. but how did they judge her
    Yes, I was evaluated on the basis of writing in a different blog.
    I am also surprised that only eight were chosen, but maybe SfN just wants to keep it manageable in the first year.


  8. Dr Becca Says:

    Ah, makes sense, thanks!


  9. DNLee Says:

    Congrats to all. Live blogging science conference is still very new. So I applaud SfN for even trying and I was actually impressed with 8 being named. In my field – Behavior the admin people are like “What’s a twitter? What does S.M. stand for?”
    I’ve live blogged a couple of conferences in my field and I was the lone blogger….even AAAS doesn’t make concessions, but maybe that will change.


  10. manageable
    The whole point of this fucking shit is that it is *not* manageable!


  11. juniorprof Says:

    So, what’s up with the official DM blog party meet-up. Schedule is filling up fast!!


  12. The whole point of this fucking shit is that it is *not* manageable!
    …so that it will be manageable for them to evaluate as a potential element of future meetings, I mean. There is nothing stopping anyone from tagging tweets #sfn or #sfn09 on Twitter, or blogging about the meeting. I think listing some blogs “officially” just gives people at the meeting who do not normally read blogs or Twitter a place to start. Next year SfN may decide it was a success and list 100 blogs, or they may decide it wasn’t useful and not list any. They may still have an application process, or if people give them feedback that 8 blogs was too few, they may not have an application and may just list any submitted link. Regardless, this year anyone can still tweet/tag and blog at the meeting as they would have, and anyone who already uses Twitter or reads blogs will know how to find their content.


  13. Laura Says:

    I hope to blog/tweet about my experience at my very first SFN! Blog link is above; twitter @lauramariani.


  14. bsci Says:

    8 bloggers? If they post on 3500 abstracts each, they’ll have the conference nicely covered.
    Now time to get back to figuring out what I’ll be presenting in a few days.


  15. Dr Becca Says:

    I’ll be blogging (and twittering: @doc_becca)! Will also be reporting on the Neurojobs Career Center.
    Who’s ready for “Magic, the Brain, and the Mind”???


  16. I’ll be there and covering it as best as I can manage the unmanageable 🙂


  17. I hate you people. I was in Chicago last week and not a single one of you were there. Now you’re all planning to go there without me. I’m hurt, deeply hurt.
    btw, SfN still has the #sfnthemeh hashtag listed on their blogtwit page. Is no one from SfN reading DrugMonkey?
    P.S. I am currently sitting in a colleague’s class and an amino acid sequence appeared on a slide – yes, there was a “MEH” sequence.


  18. DrugMonkey Says:

    probably on Sunday dude. i know it is crowded but there’s a reason for that…best date.


  19. Sean Says:

    Thanks for adding us to the list DM. It looks like I’ll be trying to Twitt not just the conference, but also my day long train ride each way from DC.
    @cow: moo, how’s the CJD?
    The excitement build up will be awesome.


  20. Sean Says:

    Forgot to note, I’m half of the SfNpc (SfN Potomac Chapter) team.


  21. Physiogroupie IV Says:

    Way to go Scicurious! (The only blog I heard of, of the official blogs.) In other news, CPP’s first real tweet could be for #sfnthemeh…?


  22. Brad Says:

    If any Drug Monkies want to help out at OneSci…


  23. Michelle Says:

    I’m also an official SfN neuroblogger (they’re *still* working on adding my link to their website). Could you please add my link to your list?


  24. DrugMonkey Says:

    Meetup is on for Sunday evening. Details to follow by email if you have sent me a note indicating you are interested in attending.


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