Society for Neuroscience Annual Meeting Interactive

October 8, 2009

As you may recall, the SfN is encouraging so-called interactive media (aka, social media, aka Twittbook and FriendBlog) at the upcoming Annual Meeting. Registration for consideration to be one of their officially linked blogtwitsters closed 9/24.
I have been receiving a little bit of chatter about this, at this late date. The answer is “No”, I haven’t heard anything about anyone being selected. Have you?
Personally my bet is that they had no idea what they were really going to do with this, received far more applicants than expected, hadn’t considered the pseud-blogger issues, probably not those of us with semi-commercial or very commercial affiliations, et, etc. So they are, I wager, still getting their act together. I would counsel patience and not to “E-mail for more information.” more than once a day :-).
If you do feel obligated to contact them do me a favor would you? Try to edumacate ’em about actually using these social media?
Those proposed hashtags? #sfnthemeh? Really? That translates “SFN is the Meh”, this is NotGood, people!!
And anyway these theme hastags are spectacularly uninformative. Hate to break it to you but nobody navigates the meeting by those stupid bloody thematic letters! You think Twitt followers are going to use those? HA! Plus, they are too long for re-Twitts. Cut that action down to #sfna, #sfnb, etc if you absolutely insist the themes are useful tags…

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  1. Dr Becca Says:

    Their cluelessness is almost cute, isn’t it? Sort of like when my mom joined facebook.
    I’ve been wondering about the application results as well, since according to the original ad, the bloggers selected would have their blogs posted on the SfN website for 2 weeks prior to the meeting. Well, 2 weeks prior was this past Saturday, so….???


  2. ResearchModels Says:

    Ditto! Whilst, tweeting cool posters – there will be no time to look-up what theme G is….


  3. Pinus Says:

    Is there a iphone SfN app for looking through posters yet?


  4. DrugMonkey Says:

    Is there a iphone SfN app for looking through posters yet?
    Are you trying to make me cry? c’mon now.


  5. Dario Ringach Says:

    @drugmonkey Great poster at 353.15/X14 (next to the bathroom).


  6. Carl Wonders Says:

    Is there a iphone SfN app for looking through posters yet?
    I wish. They don’t even have an offline abstract planner anymore
    I can’t wait to see PIs scurry away from anyone wearing the unfortunate “Social Media” ribbon. “Nooo…please don’t tweet about my unpublished results!!”


  7. Ian Brooks Says:

    Funnily enough I just got an email from SfN accepting my application to be “NeuroBlogger”:
    “Thank you for applying to be an SfN Neuroblogger for Neuroscience 2009. Your blog application was reviewed, and we would like to invite you to be an official Neuroblogger! If you accept, please provide a final blog URL to XXX for immediate posting.”
    Given the paucity of my posting recently (grant writing = suck the fun out of writing) I figured they’d say no, but whatever it was they chose lil ole me to be one of their Theme A bloggers.
    The problem being, that I found out yesterday my roommate for the conference can’t go and conveniently canceled the hotel room. So now there’s no where to stay in Chicago and I’m not going to the fucking conference after all.
    Ho hum. I’ll be following along with their Twitter feed and keeping an eye on the blogs. But I’m gutted my own jaundiced view of thigns won’t be up there now…


  8. DrugMonkey Says:

    Heh, starting to hear from people I guess today was the day. You may need to check your spam filters folks, some people get SFN bulk mails trapped….


  9. neurowoman Says:

    Re: iPhone app – guess not, but if you create an itenerary (access through normal internet on your laptop) you can click the “mobile itinerary” option at the top of “My itinerary” and it will give you a direct link to your itin; enter that via your iPhone/cell phone browser, Add the bookmark to the Home Screen and voila! Your itinerary at a touch. I’m sure you can search Oasis via the same browser, but what a pain.


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