DiSBadge_150.pngThe Diversity in Science Blog Carnival was created by D.N. Lee of the Urban Science Adventures! blog when she issued a call and hosted the inaugural edition. The Diversity in Science Carnival #2 was hosted at Thus Spake Zuska under the theme Women Achievers in STEM – Past and Present.
The US National Hispanic Heritage Month [Wikipedia] runs from 15 Sep to 15 Oct every year. I issued a call for the next edition. I encourage you to write up a brief post on a Hispanic scientist (currently active or a historical contributor) in your own field and submit it to the carnival by October 9.

I often lament* the fact that Sb doesn’t have a blog that focuses on the methods and practices of the social sciences. The reasons are many but I think my most general formulation is that the social sciences are the most scientific of the sciences and nobody seems to understand this.

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