This post originally went up Nov 12, 2008.

One of the most important things you are going to do during the upcoming SfN Annual Meeting in Washington DC is to stroll around NIH row. Right?
I have a few thoughts for the trainees after the jump.

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I’ll be in attending the SfN meeting which runs Oct 17-21 in Chicago this year. As I noted before, the society is looking to jump onto the social media bandwagon. Haltingly..but still.
I’m looking forward to seeing how enthusiastically this gets adopted. I will consider it success if I see a Twitt about some great poster that I otherwise would have missed in time to visit it. That would appear to be a good use of this technology to me.
anyway… enough blather. On to blog bid’ness.

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I think you will like this one, Dear Reader. The author is:

..a neuroscience post-doc in New York City, about to go on the tenure-track job market in earnest. My journey will likely begin as a comedy of errors, but almost certainly end as a heartwarming tale of human triumph.

In “What happened last year“, she cautions you to be ready for the phone interview at all times if you’ve sent in an application!

As it turns out, no, “a few questions” is not very casual. When I called FMC back, they asked:
-What kind of research would you plan on doing here?
-How can you incorporate undergraduates into your research?
-What courses would you like to teach?
-Other Serious Interview questions
I was caught completely off guard, and that combined with the fact that I was FREAKING OUT with happiness

Hmm. Sound advice.

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