SfN Desperately Seeking Neurobloggers and NeuroTwitts

September 21, 2009

The Society for Neuroscience is encouraging members to blog and twitt the annual meeting in Chicago (Oct 17-22). As part of this they plan to highlight a subset of members on their website. The notion being that this will enhance the profile of your blog.

* Increased exposure to your blog before, during, and following the annual meeting
* An official “SfN Social Media” ribbon to wear at the annual meeting
* One Neuroblogger will be selected in a drawing to receive a new iPod nano
* The honor of taking part in SfN Interactive’s flagship year
Important Considerations
* By applying to be a Neuroblogger, from October 17 to 21, you are expected to write one or more blog entries per day about activities, events, and experiences related to Neuroscience 2009 in Chicago.
* SfN cannot provide blog hosting or online content management services. Your blog must be hosted by a third party host or yourself.
* You must be a current SfN member to submit an application.
* On the application, provide a link to your current blog(s) or writing samples from entries you’ve composed in the past, preferably during a previous scientific meeting.
* Selected bloggers will be categorized by theme but will not be limited to blogging about just that theme.
* Selected blog links will be posted on this Web site two weeks before the meeting and will remain until two weeks after the meeting.

You will need to fill out an application form by Sep 24 to be considered for official linkage.

No Responses Yet to “SfN Desperately Seeking Neurobloggers and NeuroTwitts”

  1. NOTE: unOfficial SfN Social Media Ribbons are available at the post, So You Think You Can Neuroblog? [link below].


  2. Scicurious Says:

    Another consideration: might want to email them if you are a pseudonymous blogger, as they don’t appear to be very set up for that. I figure it’s their first year, they don’t know what they’re getting into and are going to go through some growing pains.


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