“Uh, dude? The sunscreen goes on the part that sticks out, not under your clothes.”

BikeMonkey Guest Post
Let me tell you about a recent observation from a member of a very large and productive GlamourPub research group. “Gee, BigPIDude sure is looking pale these days, isn’t he?“. And he was. Translucent. Let’s be honest here. When you have a big group headed by one domineering PI with lots of people who are there essentially for their careers (as techs or doctoral level resident scientists) they get a little nervous about the PI’s health. As well they should. This business doesn’t always come with a succession plan for taking over an established research group.
But this guy is hale and hearty, comparatively speaking. Gets out and exercises fairly frequently. Still likes to compete in the physical games at the company picnic. And dude’s parents lived to a ripe old age. So what gives? Someone else pointed out that he’s obsessed with sunscreen- lathers up copiously before venturing out into the sun. They thought it was because he has some sort of anti-skin-cancer obsession.
I think otherwise.

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