Quark Expedition Blogger Contestants are Bowing Out, Endorsing Grrl!

September 16, 2009

I received the following in an email from Quark Expeditions, thanks to one of my many votes for GrrlScientist.

For competitors, the next two weeks are vital, as there is still time to overtake the leaders or consolidate a lead. Keep spreading the word! You have until September 30, 2009.
Or…competitors may ask their supporters to vote for another competitor, if they feel they no longer have a chance to become the Official Quark Blogger. We make this suggestion, because last week, a generous competitor asked to transfer his 500 votes to another contender. He will inform his voters through a notice on his blog entry.
The rules of the competition do not allow us to change a vote. Only the voter can. So for all you voters, it’s time to decide if the blogger you chose is the best candidate for the job. You can change your vote at any time before September 30, 2009.

A little birdy suggests that this blogger intends to endorse the candidacy of GrrlScientist. And I’ve noticed another contestant has changed her statement to reflect a similar endorsement.
This is exactly what I hoped would happen. That the contestants who are in the more-serious-nature-blogger type of category would prefer a similar blogger be selected and bow out when they were not themselves in the running in the closing weeks. Now I hope their voters do the same and switch their votes to Grrl.

No Responses Yet to “Quark Expedition Blogger Contestants are Bowing Out, Endorsing Grrl!”

  1. Bob O'H Says:

    It’s odd Rooth, who you link to, has lost 2 votes, but Andrew Evans, who wanted to give Grrl his votes, has actually gained a vote!


  2. DrugMonkey Says:

    Yup, noticed that. no guarantee people will bother to switch their votes, unfortunately…


  3. DrugMonkey Says:

    One Andrew Evans posted quite an endorsement of Grrl

    1. She’s an actual BLOGGER
    2. She’s an actual scientist.
    3. She loves birds and has parrots.
    4. She’s on Twitter & knows how to use it.
    5. She’s really nice.
    6. A lot of people will actually read her stuff because she can write.
    7. She looks great in an anorak.
    8. She’s all-American.
    9. She takes awesome pictures.
    10. Her name means “honeybee” in Hebrew. How cool is that?
    * And to all you other contestants out there: Now is the time to transfer your votes to Devorah. Together, we can win this thing!


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