"If we stand together as a community…"

September 11, 2009

A letter to the editor has recently been published in the Journal of Neurophysiology by authors Ringach and Jentsch. You may recall that these individuals are neuroscience researchers who have come under attack by extremist animal rights activists. These brave investigators have been stepping up in public to defend the conduct of animal research. The letter asks for your help, DearReader, as do I. Ringach and Jentsch conclude their letter as follows:

Despite being in the spotlight, our work is not different from the majority of articles appearing in the pages of this Journal and has always been in compliance with all the regulations on the use of animals in research. Investigators using primates, mice, or flies have been assaulted, so nobody can feel at ease. With an expanding list of investigators listed in the extremists’ crosshairs, it is clear that anybody could be next.
Enough is enough! We believe time has come to express our outrage at the activities of animal rights extremists and to request from our political representatives the security we and our families need to carry out our work. We believe that time has also come to discuss, debate, and express our opinions on the importance and ethics of animal research. Perhaps, most important, the time has also come to defend our research collectively and not to let only those under attack confront their plight alone.

One place to start is to stay aware. Follow @RaisingVoices and read / bookmark the Speaking of Research pages on ARA activities / talking points and research facts.
Sign the Pro-Test petition in support of the use of animals in well-regulated and responsible research.

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  1. Ethan Siegel Says:

    Thanks for posting this letter. I agree with the sentiments expressed in this post 100%.


  2. Jo Ann Says:

    Wanted to thank you for your recent posts on animal research, as an IACUC coordinator I watched with great interest!


  3. DrugMonkey Says:

    as an IACUC coordinator I watched with great interest!
    For anyone who is similarly interested and may be relatively new to Scienceblogs, I would recommend perusing Janet Stemwedel’s extensive body of posts on the topic. Professor Stemwedel is a philosopher with significant interests in the ethical conduct of science, including the responsible use of animals. The comment threads following many of her posts are fascinating indeed.


  4. DSKS Says:

    On a slightly abstract but related note, here’s a quote from a recent article on a new suspect in the Annie Lee case.
    “The Yale employee, who is involved in animal testing, has been under law enforcement’s microscope since before the body of Annie Le was discovered stuffed in a mechanical chase in the basement of the 120,000-square-foot building at 10 Amistad St.”
    Spot the slightly arbitrary but emotionally loaded detail inre the suspect’s employment description.


  5. MikeT Says:

    Agreed DSKS. This article did not make any connection of the job status with access to the area the body was found and in any case went on to say the police focus was on “roughly 100 people who work in or have access to the building”. Of course lots of people that don’t work with research animals might have access to the building.
    Also note the nice bit ARA handiwork in using the term “testing” instead of the more-accurate “research”. It is always a good tip-off to ARA sentiments when “testing” is used to create an impression that product safety testing and animal research are the same thing with all the same implications.


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