Evoking a Thirst

September 11, 2009

The Flying Trilobite has posted a compelling endorsement of GrrlScientist’s bid to become the blogger selected for a Quark Expeditions journey to Antarctica.

I have wished to find another review of art -any art- that speaks so favourably it evokes a thirst to experience the art through the critic’s eyes.

When Open Laboratory 2008 came out, I was stunned by one contribution in particular. In that anthology of blog posts is one by GrrlScientist about John James Audubon, the ornithologist and painter, the only scientific illustrator found in most fine art survey texts. The blog post, entitled, Audubon’s Aviary: Portraits of Endangered Species rings with well-deserved reverence and love for the artwork. Grrl laments the loss of the birds now gone that Audubon lovingly captured full of inquisitive life. It’s a blog post I find moving and inspiring and that has changed how I look at Audubon and scientific illustration.

There’s more, go read Flying Trilobite’s post.
And then go and use all your valid email addresses to vote for Grrl. Only 50 or so needed to pass ol’ Don Osmond Jr!

No Responses Yet to “Evoking a Thirst”

  1. msphd Says:

    thanks for reminding me to do this- but the link to vote doesn’t work!


  2. DrugMonkey Says:

    he link to vote doesn’t work!
    If anyone is having trouble, note first that you have to *register*, check your email box for the confirmation link and *then* actually cast your vote.
    If the registration process fails, please email Prisca Campbell (pcampbell AT quarkexpeditions DOT com) and indicate you are having trouble.
    I know it is slightly more trouble than crashing a web poll, so thanks to all of you who bother!


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