I am a total homer, I like to win and would you puhleeez help a sister out?

September 1, 2009

I am weak. You probably figured this out already. I like competition. I like to watch ’em and I like to join ’em. I like to back factions for essentially arbitrary reasons and I like the best woman to win as well.
This time, the best woman has been putting up a class campaign and is coming down the homestretch in close competition for the win. She needs you to bring this home.
The beauty is, if she wins, YOU win DearReader.
Let’s get to work.

I’m talking about the Blog to Antarctica competition being run by Quark Expeditions this summer. They are looking for someone to join a trip to Antarctica and blog about the trip, the penguins, science, nature and adventure in English. Nature? Penguins? Blogger?
Can you think of anyone who fits that bill?
Well, indeed GrrlScientist is running under her IRL pseudonym and has been sitting about third place (out of 537 current entrants) for some time. She has 1583 votes and is about 300 in arrears of second place, one Don Osmond. As in Donny Osmond Jr. who seems to have no related talents or expertise. The leader, this guy, has some 5600+ votes and would seem to have an insurmountable lead but is likewise not obviously qualified to do science and nature blogging in English.
Apparently the Quark people are not going to subject something this interesting ONLY to the tyranny of random web voting and instead are going to have an interview process to make sure the person selected by the Intertoobz can actually do the job. They plan to start at the top of the voting and interview down, as far as I can make out. Interview for….relevant skills.
That includes blogging about science and nature in English. It is quite possibly the case that Grrl’s current competition will falter when it comes to job specific skills. Almost unthinkable that she would be found wanting for these talents.
So I think the obvious goal here is to get the candidacy of GrrlScientist up as high as possible in the voting and hope she comes in second or third (there’s some donk with task-related chops sniffing her heels in fourth, btw).
okay, ffs, people I’ll admit I am just damn offended that Don Osmond Jr. is beating a legitimate nature blogger in this thing! dammit
go vote. Official rules permit one vote per valid email. There is something in there about only voting twice but…HAHHAHAAHAHA! right! Register and vote!
-if you blog, spread the word. Please don’t assume that just because her readership dwarfs yours (as it does mine) that there aren’t additional votes to be had. Did I mention it was a mere 300 votes or so to second place?
-do all that social Twitterbook forwarding of her links would you?
Now, you may have already voted for another candidate. Such as DN Lee of Urban Science Adventures!. Did I mention she was in the competition as well? Holding in there in seventh. If you have any issue with Grrl at all, DN Lee has to be your next stop for quality nature blogging in this competition. Grrl was in the ring first or I totally would be having a conniption trying to decide between them. If I were a dreaming man I’d like to see these two finish 1-2 in a pick-em order….
anyway, here’s the deal with the competition. You can change your vote at any time. So even if you’ve backed another quality nature blogger in this competition at some point you may want to switch blog-horses in midstream. The goal here is to get a good nature blogger selected, not to just give our favorite bloggers 5-20th ranking places….right?
Did I mention I like competition? Gonna be a fun month watching this develop…

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