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July 31, 2009

PhysioProf: Lab Management 101

Trainees are like dogs: they can smell fear. If you are afraid of failure, and your trainees smell your fear…

Behind the Stick: What are you reading?

Now I’m already impressed on two levels with this guy, first because of his drink selection (when I was his age I drank Iron City beer in my hometown of Pittsburgh and the only malt that I knew was served by a soda jerk) and second because of his wonderful choice of authors. I love Kurt Vonnegut, been a fan of the man for years, and was actually saddened by his passing in 2007. There was no voice like his.

Miller Report: Plan B – Beany’s Nightmare


The Millikan Daily: Once a Scibling, always a Scibling

Or maybe, just maybe, we’ve gotten wasted on motherfucking Jameson and I saved you from getting hit by a bus. These are all things that happen when one is a Cat Herder. It’s an eventful job.

The Common Man: One great birthday ruins another

The Common Man also had time to make The Uncommon Wife’s coffee (The Common Man is not exempt from this sacred ritual, even on his birthday, despite the fact he hates coffee). Then he had some essential help from said Uncommon Wife getting The Boy ready for school and got out of the house relatively close to on time. Work, as The Common Man mentioned, has settled down for the near future to a manageable level. And dinner was enjoyed by all at a local establishment that serves Blatz in a can for $1.50/can. You can’t go wrong with Blatz, people.

Mad Scientist, Jr. : On Animal Research

I suspect that if taking on a silverback gorilla armed with nothing more than a 22-blade scalpel was guaranteed to save a stranger’s child, I would do so. And if that child were family, I’d forfeit the scalpel for a potato.

Professor in Training: Ugh, the memories

it’s been a cathartic experience seeing how fat and middle-aged most of them are now and how the hoity-toity, snobby skanks from school are now firmly entrenched in the everyday drudgery of their mundane, suburban lives. And I would be lying if I said that I didn’t get a smidgen of self-satisfaction from them knowing that I have a PhD, am a professor, live in a cool part of the world, have traveled near and far, participate in kickass activities and still look pretty much the same as I did at school.

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  1. Dude, you left out the punch line of the motherfucking quote!


  2. scribbler50 Says:

    Thanks, DM, the mention is most appreciated. Any time ennui sets in my blog is your oyster!


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