Apparently the scores for those hurriedly prepared RC1 applications are starting to appear and boy o boy is everyone perplexed about outcome. No fear….writedit to the rescue!
The comments following writedit’s postRC1 Scores & Remaining Review Procedures” are off the hook. Scores and percentiles galore!

The third DrugMonkey blog post I wrote was entitled Wikipedia on MDMA, posted Feb 9, 2007. I was reminded of this because of a recent call from the NIH for scientists and science writers to jump on the Wikipedia bandwagon and edit all sorts of science-y entries. An NIH radio bit and transcript, Wikipedia Academy entry and a Wikimedia Foundation press release have been posted.
This follows an earlier call from the Society for Neuroscience to encourage its members to edit Wikipedia entries on neuroscience topics.
It isn’t a bad idea. I just happen to think that it may be a little naive when it comes to the more contentious topics. Such as the potential for certain recreational drugs to cause harm, alternative medicine topics, vaccine-autism linkage, etc.
My original concern was as follows:

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