Chest Waxing For Charity

July 20, 2009

ScienceBlogger Ethan Siegel of Starts With A Bang is gonna video-blog himself having his chest waxed, and in honor of this Isis The Scientist and Comrade PhysioProf are each gonna donate $500 to Kiva Loans. Kiva is a charitable entity that acts as a clearinghouse for micro-lenders and micro-borrowers to implement loans that help enable the borrowers to start small businesses and lift themselves out of poverty. This is the kind of charitable outfit that even greedy selfish right-wing pigs can feel good about!
I encourage our readers to make some loans through Kiva, too, in honor of Ethan’s courageous chest-waxing escapade. As you can see from this picture, he’s a hairy motherfucker, so the waxing should be fucking hilarious!

No Responses Yet to “Chest Waxing For Charity”

  1. This is going to be hilarious….
    Oh yeah, and it’s for a good cause.


  2. LostMarbles Says:

    I wonder how much money we’d have to donate to make him completely hairless. Are the eyebrows the next target or should be go for the legs?


  3. PalMD Says:

    Eyebrows have a disturbing tendency not to grow back


  4. Isis the Scientist is not a cruel mistress. Let’s just start with his chest….


  5. BikeMonkey Says:

    LM- *men* shaving their legs????? Why..the entire staff of this blog is mortally offended!!!!!!


  6. becca Says:

    BikeMonkey- who said anything about shaving? Waxing works for legs too.


  7. BikeMonkey Says:

    *any* depilatory action applied to men’s legs is anathema to this place!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  8. DrugMonkey Says:

    ok, I’m in. I’ve put in an initial donation to a Kiva effort which matches Ethan’s criteria of over $10 and a “new” activity for me. I found that while I had a Kiva account the only thing I’ve done was a gift certificate to someone or other years ago. So reading over proposals and plunking down some change is more or less new.


  9. becca Says:

    BikeMonkey- see, that’s why bicyclists are lazy muppethuggers. Always trying to dope to get faster. Not willing to make the TRUE SACRIFICES. Like SWIMMERS do.


  10. I have a hard time taking any man who shaves his legs seriously.


  11. becca Says:

    I have a hard time taking any woman who shaves her legs seriously. But I try to make an exception for you, dear goddess.


  12. BikeMonkey Says:

    I have a hard time taking any man who shaves his legs seriously.
    Ain’t THAT the truth. Preach on sister!


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