Coturnix posted an interview with Erica Tsai, a graduate student at Duke University who also has mentored students in the Howard Hughes Precollege Program at her institution.
Part of this program apparently involved blogging about research experiences received in Duke University laboratories. In the interview Ms. Tsai refers to some experiences in which the students’ desire to blog freely conflicted with the needs of the host laboratories.

For instance, I think a student blogged about some protein she was working on as her research project. But, oops, the PI didn’t want it out that they were even working on that protein!

It got even worse…

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ScienceBlogger Ethan Siegel of Starts With A Bang is gonna video-blog himself having his chest waxed, and in honor of this Isis The Scientist and Comrade PhysioProf are each gonna donate $500 to Kiva Loans. Kiva is a charitable entity that acts as a clearinghouse for micro-lenders and micro-borrowers to implement loans that help enable the borrowers to start small businesses and lift themselves out of poverty. This is the kind of charitable outfit that even greedy selfish right-wing pigs can feel good about!
I encourage our readers to make some loans through Kiva, too, in honor of Ethan’s courageous chest-waxing escapade. As you can see from this picture, he’s a hairy motherfucker, so the waxing should be fucking hilarious!