I read a Re-Twitt from our good blog friend Abel Pharmboy of Terra Sigillata which pointed to a most amazing bit of online drug information. The originator was @mjrobbins of The Lay Scientist blog*. The answer to “What are the most addictive drugs” on some Q/A site called blurtit. And dude, do they have answers! For example, the “addiction likelihood” of cocaine is 78%, of heroin is 87.5% and of crystal meth is 89.5%. Wow, what precision! And they cite some science-y sounding dudes including some that I recognize as being experts. Great stuff, all kinds of people want to know the objective addictiveness of different drugs right? From parents to policy makers, users to scientists.
…but what’s all this? The “addiction likelihood” of cannabis is 42%, of LSD is 32% and of psilocybin and mescaline are 16-18%? Hmm…..

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