Silence is the Enemy, the final push

June 30, 2009

Okay, I did a little snooping around our hit stats and discovered that we could use some targeted clicking to push a couple of the blogs that are donating their June payout to the Doctors Without Borders / Medicins sans Frontieres over the next pay threshold. So if you all read a couple of extra archived posts, maybe send one to a few friends, Twitt it or whatnot we’ll be doing well. If you are a SuperReader, you might think of putting a post, old or new, from one of these blogs on the Reader’s Picks list.
First up is:

DrugMonkey! Yes, turns out I was a trifle overconfident. I think we’ll probably make it but just in case you might want to read
PhysioProf’s smackdown of Phunctional Magnetic Imaging as modern phrenology.
A skeptical take on the infamous Kohler experiments allegedly showing “insight” in nonhuman primates- pigeons have insight too!
Study Section: Act I and Act II
PhysioProf’s Carebears’ Tea Party post.
Anyone else has favorite oldies, drop a link in the comments.
Next up: Neurotopia! A few extra clicks from all of y’all can put them over the hump. I love the Scicurious work but for you recent readers you may be ignorant of all that is Evil Monkey.
Tool use in Chimps / Perils of interspecies …um, rape somehow seemed sickly appropriate.
Alzheimer’s Disease as a Sexually-Transmitted Disease?
A meaty post on Menopause, Hormone Replacement Therapy and Cognition.
BioE! Now in seriousness, I never know what to say about most of bioephemera’s arty/sciency posts. I just stare in frank amazement that people have an eye for finding and a skill for creating this stuff. I mean I see it and I appreciate it…..but it takes a special skill. And then BioE! manages to link visual goodness to important scientific, ethical and/or historical considerations. So I mostly fail to comment as I stand around with my mouth open. So to speak.
Racist history of medical cadavers?
You know bioephemera is a scientist-artist herself, right?
Car wreck in DC (no, before the Kennedy clan descended).

No Responses Yet to “Silence is the Enemy, the final push”

  1. bioephemera Says:

    Aw, thanks DM! Yeah, I probably need a lot of clicks to get to the next paylevel – I’m relatively low traffic when compared with some of you. 🙂 But that’s okay – I’m planning on giving a bit more of my own money to bump up my donation. 🙂


  2. Stephanie Z Says:

    Geez, DM. If I’d known, I’d have picked a fight or something. For some reason, people seem to like those.


  3. DrugMonkey Says:

    bioe, that’s crazy talk. you are a few hundred hits away from your next increment, according to the data I’m looking at. that’s achievable by midnight Eastern!
    Stephanie, we’re good. aetiology and bioephemera could use a push though.


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