Here we go again. Celebrity dies at a slightly unusual age from an acute failure of essential bodily physiological competence and I’m thinking about drugs. My man @abelpharmboy sent me a note yesterday anticipating the same thing I did when learning of Michael Jackson’s heart attack and demise. [Update: Abel Pharmboy’s post on Demerol and cardiac arrest] Now of course our resident expert in the relevant physiological systems cautioned that I was perhaps jumping the gun. To which I confessed a hammer/nail orientation. Still.
Sure enough, at least one person close to MJ is railing about the drugs.

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This would be totally cool. No, really.
As noted over at Grrl Scientist’s blog, Quark Expeditions is running a contest to select a blogger to join them for a trip to Antarctica.

Quark Expeditions is searching for an Official Blogger to join a voyage to Antarctica. Do you have a passion for the polar regions? A commitment to the environment? An insatiable urge to photograph penguins?

Hello? A blogger who specializes in photographs and ecology and genes and behavior and all bloody things bird? Who else could possible be better than Sb’s own Grrl Scientist at blogging an expedition? I mean, d00d, she even handles cold weather!
As of today I notice that Grrl is sitting in second place with 243 votes, close behind the current leader at 251. The two next-best placed folks are at 118 and 100 votes. That’s it? A few hundred votes* is going to decide this thing? Get cracking people! Go over there and vote for Grrl.
*The need to register in order to vote may be cutting down the numbers a bit so be prepared to make a few extra clicks. It’ll be worth it!