CRISP is dead to me; Long live…

June 21, 2009

This is so much better.
h/t: writedit

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  1. Yeah!! Now Shitlin can pop OUTRAGE!!11!!ELEVENTY!111!! wood over all the evil dollar signs!


  2. S. Rivlin Says:

    CPProfane, it seems that I’m now an integral part of your nightmares. Good for me. Since you know who I am and I know who you are, it is even more satisfying.


  3. juniorprof Says:

    This is great!!


  4. neurolover Says:

    Wow, this is a lot of very accessible information1 links to manuscripts via “Results”! amount spent. It’s fast, too. Much better than CRISP. It’s excellent, as an example of public access/open records/taxpayer rights. But, it does make “staying under the radar” moot for researchers. I’d expect both AR activists and anti-spending advocates to make extensive use of this site to target specific projects.
    I consider this a reasonable price to pay for making the work the people funded available to the people, but researchers should be prepared/proactive to advocate for their research.
    (And, it’s just untenable, in the long run, for those “results” links not to result in the “public” being able to click through to read about the work the government funded).


  5. Arlenna Says:

    This is awesome, especially the extremely profuse ‘project terms’ they include (which must be entered by someone there, cuz I know I didn’t put all those in). I found out through that site that my NIH-funded project is about “plasmalemma”!! I didn’t even know!


  6. Eskimo Says:

    They even put in the box you can click for stimulus $


  7. OHHHH!!!! This new search engine is just shy of erotic.


  8. leigh Says:

    ooh. i’ve found it useful already.


  9. becca Says:

    Robotic electronic Person Optimized for Rational Troubleshooting and Efficient Repair?


  10. elma krom Says:

    I know I didn’t put all those in


  11. Nat Says:

    So cool.
    Next they just need to add RSS feeds so I can obsessively follow people and topics.


  12. neurolover Says:

    “Next they just need to add RSS feeds so I can obsessively follow people and topics.”
    Oh my, that’s a scary thought. But, good, though. The public have a right to this information.


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