ARRAnt nonsense

June 10, 2009

This isn’t going to irritate scientists at all. I am now looking at the second mid-course correction on stimulus strategy from our friends in Program land.
By mid-course, naturally, I mean after the applications were already submitted.

The first one was a notification from one IC that administrative supplements would go only to New Investigator awards. Today’s note is from an IC warning that their use of administrative supplements will be reduced from initial posture. They will be putting only “limited support” into administrative supplements or some such.
I’m sure PI’s who bet on this instead of some other stimulus mechanism are understanding…..

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  1. Danny O'Rerio Says:

    Funds have to be shifted to appease all the whining challenge grant applicants.


  2. The first one was a notification from one IC that administrative supplements would go only to New Investigator awards. Today’s note is from an IC warning that their use of administrative supplements will be reduced from initial posture. They will be putting only “limited support” into administrative supplements or some such.

    Dude, how about some fucking details!? What Institutes are you talking about? Give us some fucking links to the appropriate ARRA funding information pages.


  3. Tideliar Says:

    Uh, yeah, what CPP said. More info dude. Where the fuck did you find this out?


  4. qaz Says:

    This shouldn’t surprise us. They’ve been doing this with the ARRA funds from day one. First it was “we’ll do administrative supplements”, then it was “we’ll fund grants that didn’t quite make the payline”, then it was “CHALLENGE GRANTS!”, then it was “small business catalyst awards”, then … and then… They’ve been changing the story of what they’re going to fund from day to day. All you can do is lay down your proposal and place your bets.
    I still say it would be easier if we just gave everyone a sinecure.


  5. Cashmoney Says:

    I strongly suspect the second one is NIDA, going by my email box.


  6. Dr. Feelgood Says:

    This is the warning I got in my mailbox.
    Doc F.
    Dear NIDA Grantees:
    As you know, NIDA has several programs in process within the overall American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA).
    The response to each of these programs has been tremendous, and we are excited by the range of science that is being considered. Unfortunately, with the tremendous response, NIDA will not be able to support some of the meritorious applications we received for each of the announcements. For example, May 15 was our deadline for Administrative Supplement requests. The response to this announcement was unexpectedly robust, and we are just in the process of reviewing these applications in order to make decisions about which ones to fund. As this process unfolds, I wanted to alert you that NIDA is putting limited support into this particular component of the ARRA. I realize that, as a result, there will be many worthy requests that cannot be funded. This will also be the case with the Challenge and GO programs.
    I know that many of you will be disappointed, and I encourage you to work with your program officials at NIDA to find alternative mechanisms for your scientific concepts. In particular, note that our regular grant program continues without interruption and may provide multiple opportunities for development of innovative, important scientific studies.
    Thank you for your interest in NIDA programs.
    Dr. Nora D. Volkow
    Director, NIDA


  7. AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!!! That’s exactly like when your high-school crush tells you that he really likes you, but he just wants to be friends.


  8. pinus Says:

    I am just going to start randomly sending in letters asking for money (a la shawshank) to all the institutes. I wager at some point, they are going to realize that they have some extra money that needs to be spent…and I will be sitting pretty.


  9. HearingMonkey Says:

    I got this from NIDCD. Far from optimistic, but at least trying not to be pessimistic:
    You are receiving this communication because our records indicate that you submitted one or more applications to the National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders (NIDCD) under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) of 2009 Program entitled, “Recovery Act Funds for Administrative Supplements (NOT-OD-09-056).”
    As you may be aware, the NIDCD received an exceptionally high response to this program. Unfortunately, ARRA funds available for this program will only permit the NIDCD to support a portion of the applications submitted.
    The NIDCD has completed the evaluation of all the supplemental applications. We are now in the process of issuing award notices for applications that currently available ARRA funds can support. It is anticipated that the notices of grant award for these applications will be available in the NIH Commons beginning in late June. We expect to complete this award process by the middle of July. Please review the award notice carefully to identify which supplemental application is supported and any special terms and conditions of the award (these are found in Sections III and IV).
    We are hopeful that funds will allow a second phase of funding of already submitted supplemental applications in the late summer or early fall. If your application is subsequently identified for support, the NIDCD will contact you.
    The NIDCD considered a number of factors for evaluating supplemental applications. These included: responsiveness to the goals of ARRA, scientific opportunities, responsiveness to the goals of the NIDCD supplement type and the NIH announcement for this program, scope of the proposed activities, and the application’s completeness. Applications received multiple levels of evaluation by numerous Institute staff panels and by the NIDCD Advisory Council.
    Given the very high number of applications received, as well as the various committees and individuals who participated in the application evaluation process, the NIDCD is unable to provide written or verbal feedback about the evaluation of specific applications. Thus, there is no additional information beyond this email that your program officer or grants management officer can share. This response serves as the official notification that your application was received and evaluated. We realize the entire community worked very hard with a very short turnaround time, both PIs and institutional business offices. We very much appreciate your submission and your interest in this program.
    Thank you. Judith Cooper
    Judith A. Cooper, Ph.D.
    Deputy Director, NIDCD
    Director, Division of Scientific Programs


  10. BikeMonkey Says:

    Shorter NIDCD: “For Gawd’s sake stop fucking calling us!!!!!!”


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