Silence is the Enemy, updated

June 8, 2009

Please remember the Silence is the Enemy campaign, spearheaded by Sheril Kirshenbaum and Isis the Scientist, to draw attention to post-conflict and other varieties of rape worldwide. The specific tangible goal is to raise money for Medicins sans Frontieres / Doctors without Borders, who are providing care to women in Liberia who have been sexually assaulted.
As part of this effort, a number of per-page-view compensated blogs (listed by Sheril) are donating their June pay. You can assist by visiting those blogs and reading through the archives.

The Intersection
On Becoming A Domestic And Laboratory Goddess
The Questionable Authority
Adventures in Ethics and Science
Blog Of The Moderate Left
Seattle Grassroots Examiner
the rugbyologist

Note the non-Scienceblogs participants at the end here, they might be of interest to our usual readers. BioE! has some additional informational links.
Also don’t forget to call or write your Congresscritter (US readers) or other national political representative. The goal being to ask what they are doing about sexual violence worldwide and particularly in the context of wars, civil and otherwise.

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